Freja and the sequel

A complete stranger threatens to blow up the biscuit placebos offices, if they don't make a sequel to the classic cult game "Crystal Raven Quest". Freja, a nerdy and insecure girl with big black hair and a degree in computer science, is pulled into the mess and is given the task to develop the sequel.

The more absorbed she gets in her work, the more questions arise. Who's actually developing the game, and who is a character in the game? Who is the stranger who threatens to blow up the office? Where is the art director hiding the gold can opener? Is the sequel really supposed to be "on ice"? Why are the goblins in the labyrinth of death keeping their garbage in the dungeon? And perhaps most importantly: who is really Crystal Raven?

Freja and the sequel is a funny, scary (and surreal) story-driven point and click-adventure for iOS (iPad and iPhone), Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.


Download to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone) from App Store here.

Download to your Android device from Google Play here.

Download for Windows, Mac or Linux here.*

*You NEED to have Java installed on your computer to run the game on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can download Java here.



You're stuck in the game? Some puzzle you can't solve? Do not despair: here's the full walkthrough for the game:

Download walkthrough for Freja and the sequel