You. Me. Heaven.

Tova used to be a real bully back in school, many years ago. One day a strange shadow knocks her door and brings back a slice of her dirty past.

Visit the fearsome Castle Death Spider(tm), meet lots of zany characters, play rock paper and scissors against an evil warlock, participate in the surreal family show "Guests with chests", find out what’s behind the secret door in Tovas basement (but there IS no basement… or is there?), go beyond space and time to a secret alternative dimension… and make choices that shapes the story and it’s resolution.

"You. Me. Heaven." is an independent follow-up on the critically-acclaimed surreal point-and-click-adventure ”You. Me. Hell.”, but doesn’t require you to have played the first game first.

This is not a game about heroes. This is a game about a shy bullied girl, and about a former bully’s journey through anguish and remorse.


Download to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone) from App Store here.

Download to your Android device from Google Play here.

Download for Windows, Mac or Linux here.*

*You NEED to have Java installed on your computer to run the game on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can download Java here.



You're stuck in the game? Some puzzle you can't solve? Do not despair: here's the full walkthrough for the game:

Download walkthrough for You. Me. Heaven.