Biscuit Placebo is a huge company with 8000 employees. We are located in a giant skyscraper surrounded by a moat with lava, and guarded by a seven-headed grasshopper-antelope. It is just waiting to eat you up! Beware! It's coming for you now! Aaaarrrghhh!!

... Oh... Who am I fooling? Biscuit Placebo is really just me, Jens Stääf. I make some games in my spare time. Please download, play and enjoy.


Do you love my games? Do you want to send me diamonds and smoked salmon? Have you found a bug? Or do you have a tricky question (if it's VERY tricky, don't expect very good answers)?

Please contact me at: jens.staaf(at)biscuitplacebo(dot)com (replace (at) with @, and (dot) with .).