Novalie Windows

Poor Ashia; in a few days she's forced to marry her slimy uncle. And as if that wasn't enough, her psychopathic brother is turning her days into a living hell.

And at night she's haunted by surreal nightmares where she's eaten alive by wraiths in a dark forest.

Then she meets Novalie. She's everything that Ashia isn't: slim and sexy, bouncy, restless, boundless, careless ... very ...very unpredictable and ... mysterious. And she seems to knows MUCH more than she lets on ...

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You. Me. Heaven.

You. Me. Heaven. Android Windows Mac Linux

Tova used to be a real bully back in school, many years ago. One day a strange shadow knocks her door and brings back a slice of her dirty past.

"You. Me. Heaven.” is a surreal and comedic point-and-click-adventure with pitch-black humor, and two main protagonists, lots of characters and surreal locations.

”You. Me. Heaven.” is not a game about heroes. This is a game about a shy bullied girl, and about a former bully’s journey through anguish and remorse.

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You. Me. Hell.

You. Me. Hell. Android Windows Mac Linux

One boy. One girl. Two things in common: they are both trapped in their personal hells, and they want to get out.

"You. Me. Hell." is a classic crazy point-and-click-adventure and interactive story, with two playable protagonists. Tova and Tor have a shaky relationship. Tor lives in the future and in his own made-up-past. Tova is irritable, aggressive and dangerous to herself and every one else.

"You. Me. Hell." is not a game about saving the world. It's a game about a relationship, about how things can go wrong, and how they can be set right again.

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Freja and the sequel

Freja and the sequel Android Windows Mac Linux

A complete stranger threatens to blow up the biscuit placebos offices, if they don't make a sequel to the classic cult game "Crystal Raven Quest". Freja, a nerdy and insecure girl with big black hair and a degree in computer science, is pulled into the mess and is given the task to develop the sequel.

The more absorbed she gets in her work, the more questions arise. Who's actually developing the game, and who is a character in the game? Who is the stranger who threatens to blow up the office? Where is the art director hiding the gold can opener? Is the sequel really supposed to be "on ice"? Why are the goblins in the labyrinth of death keeping their garbage in the dungeon? And perhaps most importantly: who is really Crystal Raven?

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